Monday, September 24, 2012

Yes we CAN CAN-- Moulin Rouge! No.5 @ The Star Theater 10/27

"I mean the show will be a magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous,gargantuan bedazzlement, a sensual ravishment.It will be...Spectacular Spectacular!"

Every year for one night a Portland theater transforms into a champagne and
absinthe drenched Montmarte to play host to a "Sing Out" screening of
Baz Lurhmann's 2001 musical epic starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.

After 4 magnificent years at The Bagdad Theater we've decided to shoot for the stars...
More specifically, the historic Star Theater!
Come celebrate 5 glorious years of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love
and get dastardly with this years bewitching Halloween theme-The "Ghoul-in Rouge!"

In addition to the annual Can Can Showdown and Costume contest
this enchanting night also plays host to a pre-film cabaret featuring
Portland's own Sparkling Diamond of the pop-n-lock-n-bump-n-grind Angelique DeVil, Glitterbest's Own Bombastic Bombshell Miss Nico Bella, out of this world drag starlet Saturn and perhaps, a few surprises!

Because it is our 5th anniversary we are taking it up a few notches with *MORE* interactive features to the screening, full lyric sheets and an Absinthe bar flowing all night long- 
Perhaps this year you will glimpse the green fairy?

So gentlemen, dust off your monstrous monacles and toppers.
Ladies,fluff those skirts and snap your ghostly garters-
A dazzling,decadent night dedicated to "La Vie Boheme" held in
one of Portland's most beautiful nightclubs awaits you!

Glitterbest ( Formerly Fleur de Lethal Cinematheque )Presents
A Spectacular "Sing Out!" Spectacle
Saturday October 27nd
Doors 8:00 PM Film 10:00
13 NW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97209
$8 general admission
$16.00 Ooh La La V.I.P." package
This includes:
Priority entry and seating ,Champagne,Chocolate and
photobooth portraits.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Dawn, New Day...New Life for me

And I'm feeling good....

A few updates to the new friends we have made out in the wild world of cinema and events.

After 7 months @ The Hollywood Theatre it has been decided by the powers that be that FdL is no longer
 a viable nor valuable entity to the theatre and thus, the remainder of the 2012 calendar has been cancelled @ The Hollywood.
Management here at FdL is grateful for the opportunity ( though truly, she is kicking herself for breaking up with McMenamins) to produce the events she did- and certainly hopes that her events - particuarly the ones she did gratis for the theatre- like The 2012 Oscar Broadcast and Mad Men were enjoyed by all.

 Not one to sulk for too long- (There were a few days of vodka and sweatpants, your ringmistress will not deny this) the wheels began turning and inspiration struck-- Why are we limiting ourselves to Movie Theaters?
There are dozens of other venues suitable for our big rowdy nights.
Though we call ourselves Cinematheque- it isn't about the theatre, it's about the movies.
and nowadays with the innovations in projection and mobility of screens- well- Cinema is what you make it, not where you make it.

I have been deeply inspired by Future Cinema in the U.K.
 Their interactive, high energy screenings of Grease and Bugsy Malone have opened my eyes to where this can go- and it's not just about movies and the preservation of "Cinema"- ( though I will tell you I will always be in love with film and projectors)
It is about using film and live action to create a space that allows the audience to escape reality- to lose themselves and have FUN.
Look What they did with Bugsy Malone!

I lost track of the fun in my trying to be some sort of kingpin of something that ultimately didn't matter to me- I allowed myself in the hustle of wanting to be recognized and be"cool" to absolutely forget everything that I stand for and that I actually DO stand for something.

My father passed away in March and it has forever changed how I see everything ( as the loss of someone dear always does) but it has also driven home the fact that the ride, is much too short and that everything we do should be infused with the best of us.
Cool points, street cred, whatever you call it- none of it matters unless you are brimming with your own personal joy at what you are giving to the world.
I have not been joyous- I have been going through the motions and it is time for something better.
In keeping with my own personal Sea Change- I decided that it was time for something new here @ FdL as charming as the play on words of Fleur de Lethal is - it ultimately is not a symbol for what I wish to represent in the world.
I am not a nihilist, I am deeply in love with the world and grateful to be alive to enjoy it.
Though I may love the language, images and mystery of crime and noir- I do not wish to be another force of darkness in an already compromised world.
( That being said though, we will never NOT show True Romance for Valentine's Day- It's just too good)
I deeply treasure creating space where people can be silly, sweet, hopelessly romantic,goofy and feel completely free to abandon the old apathy and particularly I treasure creating children's events where kinds are allowed to be free and let the magic of the movie transport them even more through interaction and costumes.
So as of September 7th, 2012 - Fleur de Lethal has officially rechristened it's self as-
The House of Glitterbest.
this name embraces my rebellious past and paves a sparkling road for the future
 ( "Glitterbest" was the imprint owned by Malcolm McLaren that unleashed The Sex Pistols on the world in 1977.)
 From my early days as a founder of the punk burlesque scene to my current days of sing a longs and sparkle I have been deeply dedicated to preserving the beautiful balance between glitter and gutter and keeping entertainment welcoming to and affordable for EVERYONE.
 In ambling for cred and press I left behind some of those values, well no more.
Things are changing- and these changes just mean more- more of what?
Let me start with these 4 things.


October 27th  The HMS Glitterbest smashes a bottle of Absinthe on her bough - as we launch in to YEAR 5 of  The MOULIN ROUGE! Sing-a-long.
This year we are taking the show to the stars.....or more correctly the historic STAR THEATER in Downtown Portland.
Tickets will be 8.00 in advance and 10.00 @ the door with VIP for 2 available for 35.00 this year. 
Tickets will go on sale next week and this year the room is limited to under 350 -However, we  have a  magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous,gargantuan bedazzlement underway for you.

See you October 27th, consider it our housewarming.
( with Glitter cannons)