Monday, March 19, 2012

"Sing Out!" Hedwig and The Angry Inch 3/24

                                                                               * art by Nico Bella, Instigatrix of FdL

"I put on some make-up, turn up the eight-track-I'm pulling the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I'm this punk rock star of stage and screen
and I ain't never-I'm never turning back"

Fleur de Lethal Cinematheque is proud to present it's FIRST "Sing Out!" screening at The Hollywood Theatre. We kick off a whole new year of singing, dancing and all around hullaballoo with the 3nd Annual screening of an epic tale of lost love,lost parts and the transformative power of an amazing hair-do: HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH.

As always with FdL screenings,the movie is only half the show.
In addition to the film the night will also play host to a Costume Contest!
So get out that blonde wig (or your butcher's apron)
and glitter those eyelids for a chance to win wonderful prizes (gummi bears, anyone?)

**From The Instigatrix: This screening is dedicated to everyone who has felt like they didn't fit in, were outcast or on the outside and found their salvation in singing, dancing and rock and roll.-NB

Saturday March 24th,2011
The Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Boulevard
Doors @ 8:00pm
Film @ 9:00pm

$7.00 General Admission

The "Sing Out" Series

With the rise of shows like GLEE and an ever increasing roster of musical titles being added to
Hollywood's production schedules it is safe to say- The Movie Musical is BACK.

The "Sing Out!" Series is a collection of music based films and musicals that though not
deemed a "sing a long" are certainly films we love to sing to.
Ridiculous,outlandish,lavish,lovely and not always plausible-musicals ask us to suspend our disbelief
and embrace not the realities of life as it is but the fantasy of life as it could be.
( and if you ask FdL curator Nico Bella "Life as it SHOULD be")

The 2012 "Sing Out!" Calendar includes Xanadu,O Brother, Where Art Thou?,The 5th Annual Moulin Rouge Spectacular Spectacle and The RETURN of Cabaret!
These unique screenings encourage audience participation
So when you come out to a show dress up,dance,holler,laugh and most important- SING!

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